In this portion of Christ’s Sermon on the Plain, Jesus focuses on the need for each man to zealously examine his own thoughts and behaviors and to strive for perfection.

Jesus warns His disciples about false teachers who are “blind” and who will lead their followers to the destruction of the “pit”, perhaps an allusion to Hell.  Men must be carefully discern who they follow and to seek to be well taught.

Christ rebukes those hypocrites (literally actor or pretender) who are blindly mired in sin and who focus on judging others. Instead, Christ instructs men to rigorously examine their own numerous faults (the log in their eye) and to seek perfection, gently helping others as they grow in holiness.

He then describes the holiness that men are to achieve; the fruit of goodness that comes from a man’s heart who is compelled to serve his brothers.  Christ also warns those whose hearts are evil, hearts that fail to produce fruit and only produce thorns and rotten fruit.

Implicit in the teaching that a man will be known by his fruit, is the inevitability that each man will be judged by the words and deeds that proceed from his heart.

Awed by Jesus Christ – Jesus, the Divine Teacher, gathers together disciples for catechesis; His Word continues to inspire men two thousand years later.  Jesus, the Divine Judge, has a blunt take and a clear rebuke for those hypocrites who judge others and gives men the criteria by which each man will be judged:  Did he bear good or rotten fruit?

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) It is common for men to outwardly or inwardly assess and judge the faults of others. Consider how you have judged others recently.

2) Christ rebukes those who judge others and insists that a man rigorously assess his own sinfulness.  Make a rigorous examination of conscience focusing on how you have judged others this week and go to Confession.

3) Holy hearts bear holy fruit. Each man will be judged by his fruit. Are you bearing good fruit or rotten fruit.  Repent, and make a commitment to pray each morning and do an examine of conscience before going to bed.

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