Christ’s warning that it is nearly impossible for the wealthy to enter Heaven (Mark 10:17-27) causes anxiety among the disciples.  Peter, speaking for the disciples, claims to have given up everything to follow Christ; this is perhaps a boast and an exaggeration for Peter continues to have a home (Matt 8:14) and boat (John 21:3).   The disciples also argue about their own greatness (Mark 9:34) and seek to direct Jesus (Mark 8:32).  Clearly, the disciples have not yet totally abandoned themselves to Christ.

Jesus promises that disciples who have given up family ties (or approval) or property for the sake of Christ and the Gospel will receive great rewards. In the present age, disciples will receive a hundred fold “more”, which includes closeness to Christ Himself, Christ’s peace and joy, and deep bonds of brotherhood with other Catholics.  In the aged to come, rewards include family ties, persecutions (Christ considers a blessing) and eternal life.

Christ gives the bottom line: those who suffer for Christ (the “last”) will be first and those who enjoy status and wealth (the “first”) will be last in the age to come.

Awed by Jesus Christ – Christ, the Divine Leader, does not correct Peter’s boast/exagration but seeks to offer encouragement and to direct the disciples to commit to evangelization.  The Son of God foresees the future and makes a divine promise of eternal life which He has the Divine Power to grant as Divine Judge.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Given the stakes of Heaven and Hell, it is prudent for a man to have a holy fear which motivates him to grow in faith, hope and charity in Christ. Spends some time imagining the Beatific vision of God in Heaven the the never-ending torments of Hell.

2) Many Catholic men, like the disciples, who practice the faith fall into the exaggeration of own goodness.  Fight the sin of pride by reflecting on Christ’s infinite greatness and your own sinful smallness.

3) Many influenced by evil, including one’s own family and friends, attack Catholic men who seek to speak the Truth of Christ and to live it. If you have compromised your faith to avoid persecution, vow to be a bold witness for Christ no matter the consequences.

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