In John 16:29-33, at first glance, it appears the disciples are finally getting it. But the disciples make the kind of common mistakes that are still made today: they confuse the literal for the fullness of revelation of Christ in theCrucifixion and Resurrection; they are impressed with Jesus’ knowledge, a common error of those today that say that Jesus was only a great teacher and not God.

Jesus rebukes the disciples strongly, revealing the immaturity of their faith by prophetically describing the disciples’ abandonment of Jesus and the breaking of their fraternity as they scatter in fear.

In His mercy, Christ reassures them that despite their failure, He will continue to grant them His peace.

Awed by Jesus Christ – In His Omniscience, Jesus is able to quickly discern confused praise.  As Divine Prophet, He again gives the disciples a glimpse of their future acts of abandonment.  With Christ’s Divine Mercy, full of charity, Jesus assures them that despite their failures the disciples will continue to have Christ’s peace. As Perfect Leader, Jesus exhorts the disciples to take courage and have faith in Christ’s victory.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Pluralists of today insult the Divine King with their distorted and self-assured “acceptance” of Jesus as a “great teacher” and that there are “many paths” to the Divine.  Jesus is an exclusivist and the only way to the Father (John 14:6).  Have you fallen into the heretical view that every faith is equally valid?

2) Men who reflect on Jesus Christ can not help but be awed by Him.  As noted in the “Awed by Jesus Christ” section, Christ manifests His Divinity in many ways.  As you reflect on Christ’s impressiveness, remember to realize that He is God.

3) In what ways are currently failing Christ?  Abandoning Him in your daily life?  Be assured of His Mercy for those confess their sins and rely on His Grace.  Identify at least one abandonment of Christ and firmly resolve to sin no more.

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