This reading is the last section of the Gospel of John.  Christ (John 21:15-19) has rebuked Peter and challenged Peter to repent and commit to be the leader of Christ’s Catholic Church.  Jesus has also given Peter a prophetic vision of Peter’s own death.

Peter turns and sees John following him (Peter) as he follows Christ. Peter, knowing that Christ has a special affection for John and that John was the only disciple who remained with Christ at the Cross, asks Jesus about what will happen with John. It is unclear why Peter asks: to simply know what will happen to John (Peter has just been cryptically told by Christ of his (Peter’s) death, to know how to use John in the spreading of the Gospel, out of a competitive envy, or some other reason.

Whatever the reason, Christ rebukes Peter, telling Peter it’s not his concern and “You follow Me.”  Christ, knowing Peter’s volatility, wants Peter to focus on Him as Peter builds the Church and not be distracted by other things.

John, the writer of the Gospel and awed by Christ, ends with the declaration Christ’s glory can’t be described by the words of men.

Awed by Jesus Christ – Jesus the Divine King and Leader perfectly discern’s Peter’s personality and foibles, rebuking an directing Peter to stay focused on Him. Jesus, a Divine Person, has a magnificence and glory beyond man’s ability to fully comprehend.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Reflect on Christ’s powerful insights into men, His method of talking bluntly and giving direction.  As the King of Creation, Christ is the greatest leader who has ever lived.

2) Peter falters, acts rashly and gets confused.  Christ’s direction, “You follow Me” is the call to all men. Realizing that you too get confused and lost in the world, resolve to keep it simple: “I will follow Jesus.”

3) Make a concrete commitment to do several things today to “Follow Jesus.”  What are they?

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