In John 17:20-26, Jesus continues with what some call His “High Priestly Prayer.”  Continuing with His eyes raised to the Father, Jesus prays not only for the Apostles but for all future disciples they will bring to His through the preaching of His word.  The Apostles mission, and the mission of all disciples, is to preach Christ’s Word.

Christ prays for unity of those who believe in Him, that they may be brought to perfection by being in communion in the unity of the Father and the Son. This prayer of unity is a basis for the doctrine of the Communion of Saints.  The Church’s unity demonstrates Christ’s love and is a powerful witness to bring the unbelieving world to belief.

Jesus gives thanks for the “gift” of the disciples. Jesus longs for all of His disciples to be one with Him in Heaven where they will see the glory given to the Son before the beginning of the world.

Awed by Jesus Christ – Jesus Christ, Divine Person who is external and existed before the world began, speaks directly with the Father of Creation. With Omniscience that transcends time, prays for His future disciples.  With Divine Power, Christ Divine Priest bestows glory on the Apostles.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Contemplate that Jesus Christ has prayed for you personally as a disciple; He loves you personally for you are a gift to Him.

2) In John 17, Jesus demonstrates the intimate prayer that He enjoys with the Father.  As an adopted son of God through baptism, you too may enter into deep conversation with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Pray now.

3) Sadly, too often Catholics are divided and those divisions cause non-believers to remain non-believers. Identify some Catholics with whom you are alienated.  Pray for forgiveness and for unity.

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