In John 17:1-11, Jesus begins John 17 which some call Christ’s “High Priestly Prayer.” In this section, Christ prays first for the Glorification of the Father and the Son.

Jesus raises His eyes, making intimate contact, speaking directly with the Father as He has done before in front of the disciples (John 11:41-42). He asks the Father to glorify the Son and offers that glory back to the Father; the “glory of the Lord” is a sensible, radiant manifestation of God’s awesome presence.  The accomplishment of the Father’s will by Christ is how Christ gives the Father glory.  The Father’s granting of giving glory to the Son is fulfilled in the Resurrection of Jesus in His glorified body. What the disciples are witnessing is beyond powerful; it is being witness to the unity of the Trinity.

Christ advocates for the disciples’ faith and hope to the Father, with the disciples listening. Christ prays for disciples, but not for the world.  Though Christ loves Creation, He does not love sin nor does He love the people of the world who reject Him and prefer Sin.  Those who repent and give themselves to Christ’s Mercy can be assured of His love. Christ dies for the many who will accept His Word, not all (Heb 9:28).

Awed by Jesus Christ – Jesus, as a Person of the Trinity, demonstrates His unity with the Father, a unity that transcends time and space, from the beginning. There is a physical manifestation of the glory, a demonstration of Divine Power. Christ, as Divine Leader, has accomplished great acts of doing the Father’s will, demonstrating what is expected of the disciples. Again, the Divine Prophet describes His future Ascension to the Father.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Reflect on what the disciples experienced as the Son glorifies the Father and the Father glorifies the Son.

2) Christ demonstrates the intimate prayer with the Father. Does your prayer life have intimacy and fervor with Christ? Pray now with humble awe of Christ, speaking to Him about what is on your heart in your own words.

3) Christ gives the Father glory by accomplishing the Father’s will on earth.  What is the Father’s will for you?  How can you give God glory in your life today?

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