Following Christ’s clear reiteration of God’s plan for Creation with men and women united in indissoluble marriage (Mark 10:1-12), He turns to the need to protect and bless children, the fruit of marriage.

Aware that some disciples were stopping the children from coming to Him, Christ becomes indignant (displeasure, objecting to a lack of dignity) and corrects His disciples.  In a time where children were disposable, Christ asserts the inherent dignity of children by stating that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to children.  In this, Christ lays the foundation for infant baptism.

Going further, Christ teaches that children are a model for those who aspire to Heaven; the blessed attributes of children include their humility, dependency on the grace of others, the lack of worldly merit, simple faith and trust.  Jesus

Awed by Jesus Christ – Jesus, the Divine Teacher, overturns the cultural norm that devalued children.  As Divine Leader and Protector, Jesus displays His anger at the disciples’ abuse of children and rebukes them.  Jesus, in Divine Love and Mercy, embraces the children with a fatherly love and blesses them.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) In today’s feminized culture, a false Jesus Christ who is all mercy and no truth is promoted; it is politically correct to downplay His Divine Masculinity (protector, provider, leader, risk taker, combativeness, etc.). Commit to read scripture more with the goal of meeting the Perfect Man.

2) As in Roman times, many children today are abused (even murdered through abortion), neglected and abandoned due to a lack the protection and fatherly love of men. Pray for Christ’s love of children to be embraced by all people.

3) Boys and young men are particularly neglected in society because large numbers lack the love of a father. Consider how you can grow in your role as a father (even if you don’t have sons of your own).

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