Jesus now leads His disciples towards Jerusalem, teaching them privately.  Jesus is explicit that the Son of Man will be killed and rise after three days.  Somehow, the disciples don’t understand what Christ is saying.  They are shocked, unable to understand how the all-powerful Christ could be killed by men; they are afraid to ask Christ what He means.

Despite the somber and bewildering revelation of the Passion, the disciples childishly debate in private who is the greatest. Jesus, knowing their private discussions, confronts them about their discussion; they remain silent, trying to hide their misdeed like little children.

Divine, Jesus gently corrects their childish behavior, using His embrace of a child to demonstrate the kind of simple, humble love that His disciples must have. As His practice, Christ in humility as a Son, refers to His own devotion to the Father.

Awed by Jesus Christ – Jesus Christ, the Divine Teacher and Leader, focuses on teaching and preparing the disciples for their mission.  the Son of Man and Divine Prophet, gives a firm revelation of His crucifixion, which He will accept to do the Father’s will.  Omniscient, Christ knows the private discussions of the disciples. With Divine Virtue and perfect charity, teaches, rather than punishing, with a powerful symbolic example of embracing a child and showing His own deference to the Father.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Reflect on the mind-boggling truth of Christ’s death, resurrection and eternal Kingship.  He rules and has dominion over everything.

2) Like the childish disciples who argue and try to hide their misdeeds, men foolishly seek to hide their misdeed from Christ.  What recent sinful thoughts and behaviors have you failed to confess?  Pray now for Christ’s forgiveness and get to Confession if you are in mortal sin.

3) Christ makes it clear that the sacrificial love for children is an absolute requirement. How can you more perfectly be a leader, protector and provider for children?

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