John, the youngest of the disciples and called a Son of Thunder by Christ Himself (Mark 3:17), demonstrates his combative nature by wanting to stifle someone else who is casting out demons in the Name of Jesus. John’s troubling reason is that the other exorcist does not follow “us”; this in contrast to following “Jesus.”  John has not yet realized his own smallness and that all power and glory comes exclusively from Christ.

Jesus rebukes John, saying that all who authentically (evidently the exorcist was successful and Christ approves) perform acts in Christ’s Name are not to be prevented.  Interestingly, Christ is beginning to grant authority to the disciples to prevent or not prevent.

Jesus clearly sees that there many in the world who oppose Him; Jesus does not condone those who speak “ill” of Him. He also seeks to draw all believers into unity.

Christ teaches that He is aware of the deeds of men and acts of charity and those who act in Christ’s name will be rewarded.

Awed by Jesus Christ – Jesus, the Divine King, rebukes even His beloved disciple John when necessary. The Divine Teacher, Christ makes the great spiritual battle in the world and describes how Christians must be in unity. The Divine Judge, Jesus offers an insight as to how even small acts of love will be generously rewarded.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Like John and the disciples who argue about who is the greatest (Mark 9:30-37), men arrogantly forget that only Christ is King.  Reflect on Christ’s greatness and the fact that you (like every man) are very, very small.

2) Christ speaks in terms of Spiritual Combat, the reality that Satan and men of the world are against Christ. Realize that you are in the midst of a raging battle between evil and good. Commit to be a soldier who fights for Christ today and every day.

3) Christ will reward those who act with charity, out of His own Perfect Charity, especially charity for Christ’s followers. Commit to perform some specific act of charity for another Christian.

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