In John 16:20-23, Jesus again reiterates that the disciples will suffer and then rejoice.  He affirms that the world, deceived by Satan, celebrates at His death.  Even today, its clear that the secular world hates Christ and His Church.

The world wishes Christ to be silenced and kills Him. The death of Christ causes anguish and sorrow for the disciples, an anguish that Christ shares in the Agony in the Garden.  The Cross hurts.

But Christ can not be silenced, He refuses to be “politically correct” and go along with the will of the Jewish leadership or to compromise with Pilate. For this, He will be killed.  Christ promises in veiled terms that despite the anguish that is coming, new birth will come.  The Resurrection will put to rest all doubt and questions of the disciples.  The Resurrection is the evidence that speaks to men throughout the ages, and for those who fully grasp it, puts an end to doubts about Christ.

Awed by Jesus Christ – Jesus, the Divine Prophet, offers a preview of the suffering that the disciples will experience at His death and the joy they will experience at the Resurrection. As Divine Teacher, Jesus offers a powerful metaphor of the Crucifixion and Resurrection that men (and even more so women) can understand; the pain of women in childbirth and the joy of new children.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) It is tempting to seek to reduce stress by being politically correct, willingly compromising on truths as taught by the Church so as to avoid ridicule. Ask yourself: Have I been a forceful advocate for my faith or have I been intimidated into silence out of fear?

2) Many have attended a funeral in which the body of the deceased lies cold and without life. Contemplate the miraculous and stupendous truth of Christ’s Resurrection of His body which has laid in the tomb for 3 days. He has Risen!

3) Christ instructs men to pray in the Name of Jesus Christ and He promises to grant men’s prayers.  Rather than accept doubt about Christ and His Church, which is always the work of Satan, pray now that Christ would answer your doubts and deliver you from evil.

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