Following the 12 Disciples hands-on witness to the Feeding of the 5000 (Luke 9:17), Christ now moves to reveal Himself, preparing them for their Great Commission as Apostles (Matt 28:16-20).

After praying alone, Jesus begins the revelation of His Divinity by first asking the Disciples who people thought He was. The Disciples report that people are awed, comparing Jesus to John the Baptist, the great prophet Elijah and other resurrected prophets of old.  Stunning suggestions, all.

When Christ then challenges them to personally “go on record”, only Peter, enlightened by God (Matt 16:17), is bold enough to speak, confessing that Jesus is “The Christ of God”, the long awaited Messiah who would save the Jewish people.  Jesus confirms that He is the Christ, but forbids the Disciples to reveal His identity.  For the first time, Jesus reveals His coming Passion that He will courageously endure, surely stunning the Disciples.

Christ mysteriously alludes to the horrific death He will endure, death on a cross; given the Roman’s common harsh use of crucifixion to intimidate those they ruled, every Disciple would have been shocked by Christ’s revelation. A further shock, Jesus reveals the Disciples must also submit to self-sacrifice by picking up their own crosses and following Him if they wish to be saved. All of them, except Judas, will answer Christ’s call.

Awed by Jesus Christ – Jesus, the Divine King, purposefully prepares the Disciples to follow Him in heroic self-sacrifice for the Gospel. Son of God, Jesus has conceived of and orchestrates His saving Passion, revealing it in stages as Divine Prophet. Jesus, the Sacrificial Lamb of God and Divine Judge, reveals that men must imitate Christ in self-sacrifice if they wish for Christ to save them.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Men are impressed by heroes, political leaders, athletes, religious leaders, intellectuals, musicians, men in the military, celebrities and others. Realize that Jesus Christ is infinitely more impressive than any other man. Commit to grow in knowledge and awe of Christ the King.

2) All Protestants and many Catholics rebel against the Pope and the Catholic Church. Christ purposefully cultivated and established Peter as the first of His earthly popes. Consider your own rebellion and pray for Christ for perfect obedience to His chosen pope and His Catholic Church.

3) Given Original Sin, men are selfish and often focus on their own concerns and desires. Christ uses the deadly serious example of the Cross, an instrument of His own death, to call men to obediently follow Him in heroic self-sacrifice. Choose several ways to sacrifice today for Christ and neighbor.

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