Jesus continues the Sermon on the Mount, giving His disciples guidance for the journey towards Heaven.  After condemning false prophets (Matt 7:15-20), in Matthew 7:21-29, Jesus now reveals that false Christians can’t fool Him and confirms that true Christians accept and live the whole of Christ’s Gospel.

Jesus confirms His Judgment and that many do not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, shockingly, including even those who appear to be Christian.  Like the false prophets who spread confusion and immorality, Christ judges false Christians, who say, “Lord, Lord” and do pretentious acts of public piety, as evildoers who will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Christ sees through false words and false works and is the sole Judge of each man’s soul.

Rather than the formulaic or outer acts of piety of the Pharisees or the false prophets who mislead, whom Christ has already condemned, Christ calls men to a complete obedience to His Word. The parable of of The Wise Builder refers to the storms of life and confirms that only the absolute commitment to build one’s life on the solid rock of Christ’s Gospel will lead to salvation.

The crowds are in awe of Him because He speaks with divine authority; likely, they are also stunned by Christ’s assertion that He has the power to judge men’s souls and condemns even seemingly pious men.

Awed by Jesus Christ – The Son of God has divine authority that astonishes those who hear.  Divine Judge, Christ reveals that He has the wisdom and power to judge men and condemns many. Divine Teacher, Jesus uses timeless parables, based on His 30 years of growing up as the Son of Man, to instill the complete commitment to His Word.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) The clear words of Christ again confirms His serious call to perfection and that He is an extremely tough Judge. Read the Scripture passage again, imagining that you are present when Christ speaks.  Be awed by His manly toughness.

2) Christ condemns people pretending to be Christians; imagine His disdain for unrepentant atheists, murderers, rapists, adulterers, sexual perverts, thieves and liars. Courageously, complete a rigorous Examine to confront your own sins.  Go to Confession.

3) Jesus gives the parable of the Wise Builder as a model for those who wish to be saved.  Commit to take action on 3 things to build your foundation on Christ, the Rock.

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