As Christ is teaching a large group, He is told that His mother and brethren await outside and wish to speak with Him.  Creative and spontaneous, Christ takes the opportunity to reveal that those who do the will of the Father in Heaven have family bonds stronger than blood ties; those baptized in Christ are born again as adopted children of the Father and are all one family in the Spirit.

Some confusion can arise from this passage because it mentions “brethren” of Jesus. As taught by the Church for 2000 years, Jesus was the only child of the Virgin Mary, who remained a virgin her entire life; Jesus had no blood brothers or sisters. A number of points support this truth. Because Hebrew had no word for “cousin”, the word “brethren” was used instead. The “brethren of Jesus” are never called the children of Mary but Jesus is clearly Mary’s son. James and Joseph, mentioned as brethren of Jesus, are actually the sons of another Mary (Matt 27:56). Jesus gives His mother Mary to His disciple John at the crucifixion; Jesus would not have chosen John if He had blood brothers to care for His Mother Mary.

Some mistakenly think that Jesus insults the Virgin Mother in this passage; the opposite is the truth. With Mary’s fiat of perfect obedience to the Father, Mary is the most perfect example of obedience to God’s will. Rather than insulting His mother, Jesus holds Mary up as the perfect standard for all people.

Awed by Jesus Christ – Jesus, the only Son of the Virgin Mary, upholds the Holy Mother as the perfect example of obedience to God. The only Son of God and Divine Teacher, reveals that those who are baptized and do the will of God become adopted children of the Father. Son of Man, Jesus’ human nature is confirmed in the recognized blood ties to the Holy Mother and His other blood relatives.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Many men are obsessed with sports and music “celebrities”, waiting in long lines and paying big money to be at games and concerts. Despite being the Son of God, most men have little or passing interest in Christ. Reflect on how Christ repeatedly draws huge crowds who are drawn to Him in awe.

2) Using this passage and others, many Protestants deny Mary’s perpetual virginity and atheists deny Christ’s virgin birth and divinity. Commit to understand and defend the Church’s unchanging truth of Christ’s virgin birth and Mary’s perpetual virginity.

3) Each man, in his own many ways, is disobedient to the will of the Father.  Take stock of your disobedience and go to Confession, asking Christ to help you overcome your most prevalent current sin.

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