The Gospel reading from the Mass for Tuesday of the 23rd Week of Ordinary Time is Luke 6:12-19. 

With momentum growing in His ministry and the battles with the Jewish leadership escalating, Christ moves to establish men who will be His leaders of the Catholic Church. After an all-night vigil in the mountains communing with the Father, Christ gathers His growing group of disciples and hand-selects 12 men to be His Apostles (meaning “to be sent”).   

Christ’s selection of calling 12 men to be Apostles is purposeful. Choosing 12 men to evangelize Israel symbolically represents Christ’s desire for the 12 tribes of  the “lost sheep of Israel” to be the first to be healed and drawn into the Kingdom of God. Christ exclusively chooses men to establish a new priesthood for His New Covenant and to underscore the essential leadership and governing role that men must play in the Church.  By mentioning Peter first, Jesus is signaling His intention to establish Peter as the first pope of the Church. Judas is mentioned last for he will be seduced by Satan to betray Christ. 

After selecting the Apostles, Christ leads them down from the mountain to deliver His Sermon on the Plain to a great crowd; the people are drawn from all of Israel and also from the Gentile lands, confirming Christ’s universal call to all men. Christ heals all, casting out demons and healing all diseases; mysteriously, Christ radiates “power” causing the crowds to draw close to touch Him and to be healed.  

Awed by Jesus ChristSon of the Father, Christ prays a all night long prayer vigil as He prepares to call the Apostles. Son of Man, Christ demonstrates incredible stamina by praying all night and then healing and preaching the Sermon on the Plain. Divine  Prophet, Christ signals a dramatic new stage of Salvation History by returning from the mountain top with the New Covenant, surpassing the great prophet Moses. Divine King, Christ appoints 12 men as His Apostles and signals His world-wide kingdom by preaching to Israel and the Gentiles. Divine Physician, Christ’s supernatural power mysteriously goes out from Him and heals all. 

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Reflect upon the Son of God’s Divinity and His establishment of a supernatural Kingdom of Heaven, the miracle that infinitely surpasses all the great accomplishments of all the great men of history. 

2) Satan’s evil seduction of the Apostles started with Judas (John 6:70) and continues through the vile homosexual desires and acts by many priests and the participation and coverup of these abominations by many cardinals and bishops. Be assured of Christ’s perfect plan to establish the Apostolic Church (CCC 857-870) and pray for Christ to help you remain rock-steady in faith during the dark days of scandal in the priesthood and to be led to holy priests. 

3) Christ’s power “came forth from Him and healed them all”, a prefigurement of the mysterious power of the Sacraments. Reflect upon the Mysterious Sacraments of Christ (CCC 774-776, 1114-1116, 1504) and pray for Christ to strengthen your ability to recognize and experience His infinite power in the Sacraments.