The Gospel reading from the Mass for Friday of the 25th Week of Ordinary Time is Luke 9:18-22. 

After allowing the Apostles to participate in the miraculous Feeding of the 5000, Christ further forms them by revealing His identity as the promised Messiah and the truth about His coming Passion.  

There was much speculation as to the identity of Jesus;  Jesus uses the confusion to reveal Himself to the Apostles. He asks: “Who do people say that I am (Hidden in Christ’s question is His identity!  “I AM” is God’s own revelation of Himself to Moses in the burning bush)?” They respond, confirming that most thought Jesus was great prophet who had returned, John the Baptist, Elijah or another great prophet. Christ goes from the general to the specific to force the Apostles to think for themselves: “But who do you say that I am?” This had been a burning question for the Apostles themselves (Matt 8:27). 

Simon Peter, moved by the Father through the Holy Spirit proclaims, “The Christ of God”; in this proclamation, Peter’s role as leader of the Apostles and the early Church is confirmed. With a clear plan and in complete control of when and where He will enter into His Passion, instructs the Apostles to not reveal His identity.  He then announces the shocking prediction of His coming Passion.   

Awed by Jesus ChristThe Messiah, Christ is recognized and acknowledges that He is the Christ of God. Divine King, Christ questions and commands His men.  Divine Prophet, Christ predicts His coming Passion with precision. 

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Men are intrigued by the mysterious: unsolved mysteries, so-called “psychics”, the search for UFO’s ect. Reflect upon and be awed by Christ’s mysterious revelations: the preparation for the Incarnation through the prophets, His Virgin Birth, His many miracles, His predictions of the Passion and Resurrection and His Real Presence in the Eucharist.   

2) While Christ is continually in the presence of the Father and in the Holy Spirit, Christ prays at decisive moments during the Incarnation. Reflect upon Christ as the Model of Prayer (CCC 520, 1694, 2600-2601) and the need for Prayers of Petition (CCC 2629-2633) and pray for Christ to help you to pray each day and to ask for help in difficult times. 

3) As He did with the Apostles, Christ asks each man this question: “Who do you say that I am?” Each man must ultimately answer this question. Ponder Christ’s Divine Identity (CCC 203, 430, 440, 590) and pray for Christ to help you better know, love and serve Him today.