Christ commanded the Apostles and other disciples to be saintly, warning that Hell awaits those who lead souls astray, of the requirement for unlimited forgiveness to the repentant and the need for the gift of faith to achieve this level of saintly behavior. Christ now reveals that embracing one’s duty with humility is an essential discipline for the ascent to sainthood.

Christ sends out His Apostles/disciples (servants or slaves) out into the world (field) to do His  work (plowing, shepherding) of evangelization and serving the poor. He tells the Apostles/disciples (servants or slaves) it is absurd (to expect the Master to serve the servants) for Christ’s men to expect reward for doing what Christ commands. Christ expects each disciple to accept His commands and to simply and humbly do their duty (Latin meaning “to owe”).

Doing what Christ commands is impossible without the faith Christ grants; any worthy thing a man might do only has worth because Christ has done it through the man. Every man who serves Christ should gladly do his duty out of gratitude for the worldly blessings Christ has granted and for the opportunity of eternal life.

Awed by Jesus Christ – Son of God, Christ has the infinite power to allow His disciples to do the impossible if they will have faith.  Divine King, Christ is a tough leader who sets the bar impossibly high and expects His disciples to simply do their duty. Divine Teacher, Christ instructs His disciples to using memorable examples (the master serving the servants) that stick in the minds of disciples.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Many men presumptuously think of Jesus as a “friend”, pridefully assuming an intimacy Christ reserved for His Apostles who had a deep understanding of His will and who humbly followed His will with their whole being. Contemplate the reality of Christ’s eternal power and glory.

2) In this Gospel passage, Christ exhorts disciples to humbly do what He commands them to do without expectation of reward; this is the essence of doing one’s duty.  What is your duty to Christ?

3) To the extent you keep Christ’s commandments, why do you do so?  What motivates you to serve Christ, the Master?  Pray for Christ to give you the wisdom and will to grow in your ability to do His Will.

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