The Gospel reading from the Mass for Thursday for the 34th Week of Ordinary Time is Luke 21:20-28. 

Preparing His disciples for the coming turmoil, Christ has declared the Temple would be utterly destroyed, there would be “wars and tumults”, earth upheavals would occur, false messiahs claiming to be Christ would arise and Christians would be persecuted and betrayed, even by their own families. Christ now describes the coming destruction of Jerusalem with more precision and alludes to His redemptive Second Coming.  

Christ confirms the coming destruction of Jerusalem, as has been predicted for half a millenia (Dan 9:25-27), is finally at hand. He reveals that the destruction will occur by the hands of a Gentile army (the Romans) that surrounds Jerusalem and wrathfully kills by sword and that many will be led away as captives; Christ confirms that the desolation of Jerusalem and the Jewish people is d long-prophesied Divine “punishment” (Hosea 9:7).   There will be “great distress”, particularly for pregnant women and nursing mothers with little children. Christ warns HIs followers to flee into the mountains; most Christians, acting upon Christ’s word, flee and are preserved when the Romans destroy Jerusalem in 70 A.D. 

Christ turns to His Second Coming, a separate revelation that has yet to come to pass. After the Fall of Jerusalem, even greater distress will come upon the entire world (heaven, land, sea): the heavens will give strange signs; distress for nations on land and raging seas. Despite the trauma in the world, Christians will find joy in at the Second Coming of Christ on the clouds of Heaven for their “redemption is drawing near.” 

Awed by Jesus ChristSon of God, Christ has omniscience that spans time, knowing all past and future events. Divine Prophet, Christ ties together numerous Old Testament predictions of the end times and accurately predicts the fall of the Temple; He accurately warns Christians to flee Jerusalem to avoid the destruction of the Romans. Divine King, Christ encourages His disciples to fear not and promises redemption for the faithful at His Second Coming. 

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Men have been deceptively lulled into a lethargic dream that God makes no demands, holds no one accountable and that there is no punishment, only a Heaven of eternal bliss for everyone. To remove that confusion, reflect upon Christ’s revelation of God’s long-predicted (Dan 9:25-27) “days of vengeance” for Israel’s idolatry and lawlessness comes true with the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.  

2) Though some absurdly believe in absolute “gender equality” and  that “strong” women don’t need “toxic” men, Christ confirms the special vulnerability of women and children, especially in times of chaos. Reflect upon Legitimate Defense (CCC 2263-2267) and pray for Christ to give you prudence and courage to protect the vulnerable, especially women and children.  

3) While Christ reveals that the coming calamities at the end of days will be much worse than “normal” natural disasters, He urges hope to those who are awaiting their salvation in Him.  Review the Creed’s section, He Will Come Again in Glory (CCC 668-677, 680-682) and pray for Christ to give you the abundant faith and hope to withstand all the trials of your life.