Arriving in Jerusalem, Christ is teaching in the Temple area prior to the Passover Feast during which He will be crucified. The Temple, in the 50th year of an 80 year enhancement project, was an impressive demonstration of Jewish pride and their attempts to serve God; the Temple had massive stones the size of semi-trucks, exquisite art, materials from all over the Middle East and remarkable craftsmanship. Looming over Jerusalem like a “snow-clad mountain”, all would have believed the Temple would stand for thousands of years.

Christ’s pronouncement that the Temple would be utterly destroyed must have seemed impossible given the sheer scope of the structure and because people thought it was the Temple of God. Replying to the shocked questions of when Christ foresaw the Temple falling, He does not answer. Instead, Christ warns them not to believe false proclamations of those claiming to be Christ and to not fear the inevitable “wars and tumults” that will proceed His Second Coming. Christ’s prophecy of the complete destruction of the Temple comes true less than 40 years later when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem to put down a Jewish rebellion; some 1 million Jews die.

Christ predicts the calamitous events that are in future. Wars will rage, earthquakes will rock the earth, there will be terrors, great signs in the skies and people will starve and be ravaged with plagues.

Awed by Jesus ChristSon of God, Christ has omniscience that spans time, knowing the specifics of the coming trials of Salvation History. Divine Prophet, Christ accurately predicts the fall of the Temple and the persecutions of the early Christians. Divine King, Christ directs His disciples to not be fooled by rumor-mongers.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Marvel at Christ’s astoundingly accurate prophecies of the destruction of the Temple.

2) While the time of Christ’s Second Coming is unknown, He warns to not believe those who proclaim “I am he.” The Church vehemently warns men to not fall for false messiahs; study the Church’s warnings to arm yourself against the lies of Satan (CCC 675-677).

3) In times of relative peace and prosperity, men become comfortable, putting their trust in the world; governments, companies, possessions and people. But history shows, again and again, that the things of world repeatedly disappoint. Reflect on Christ’s warnings about turmoil in the world and pray for the grace to continue to place your trust in Christ.

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