Having taught men about their dependence on God in the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus continues the Sermon on the Mount, giving men a concrete call to live out the exclusive faith in God of the Lord’s Prayer.

Christ rebukes those who put their hope and effort in acquiring material treasures, exposing the foolishness of grasping for things that decay and can be stolen. He directs men to put their exclusive hope in the Father, urging men to put their whole heart into working for the eternal happiness of the unchanging treasure of Heaven.

Jesus uses a parable about eyes to reinforce His teaching to reject the world and commit to Heaven.  The “sound” eye is ultimately focused on Heaven, full of the light of Christ, guiding a man to put material things to  generous and loving use.  In contrast, men with a “bad” eye (or, evil eye) seek the treasures of the world and live in the darkness of greed and envy.

Awed by Jesus Christ – From personal experience, the omniscient Son of God assures men of the eternal treasure of Heaven. The Divine Teacher exposes the futility and danger of relentlessly pursuing worldly things and exhorts men to righteously work to be accepted into Heaven.  The Divine Judge reveals that a man’s righteous or evil acts have a bearing on their salvation.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1)  Today’s pervasive anger and division prove the futility of putting hope in the world (e.g. wealth, men, institutions of men, etc.). Marvel at Christ’s accurate diagnosis of the false hope of the world and His radical call for men to put exclusive hope in Heaven.

2) Many men fail to realize their eternal destiny is either Heaven or Hell. Fear Hell and believe Christ’s personal call for you to be a saint. Pray for Him to help you lead your family to Heaven.

3) Satan is aggressively seducing millions of men, darkening their souls with violent and pornographic images. Consider Christ’s grave warning to have sound eyes and beg for Him to help you to reject darkness, crave His light, strengthen you with faithful Catholic men and protect you from Satan’s relentless temptations.

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