In John 17:11-19, Jesus continues with what some call His “High Priestly Prayer.”  Continuing with His eyes raised to the Father in intimate and personal prayer, Jesus prays that the disciples will be unified as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are unified in the Trinity.

Jesus asks for the Father’s protection (“Keep them in your name”) and Christ recalls how He protected and guarded the disciples.  Jesus allowed Judas (the “Son of Destruction”) to betray Him so that Scripture might be fulfilled (Psalm 41:9; 69:25).

Jesus repeats that He is leaving the world and coming to the Father so that the disciples might be strengthened with joy.  He teaches that He is not of the world and that neither do the disciples belong in the world.  The world is hostile and hates Christ and those unified with Christ.  Jesus purposefully wants the disciples in the world, so as to preach the Truth of Gospel and draw all men of good will to God and deliver them from the Evil One.

Jesus has given the disciples His Truth and asks God to consecrate (make holy) the disciples in Truth.

Awed by Jesus Christ – Jesus, the Son of God, is in perfect union with the Father. Jesus, the Divine King, has perfectly demonstrated the virtue of fortitude as He has used His Power to courageously has protected and shielded His disciples against the persecution of the Jews, Romans and ultimately Satan. Jesus, the Truth, has perfectly taught the disciples the fullness of Truth.  Jesus, the Divine Priest, is divinely consecrated and consecrates His disciples into His Priesthood.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) As Catholic men, our strength is our unity with Christ and with each other.  How can you build fraternity with other Catholic men in your parish?

2) Christ demonstrates the importance for men to be protectors of their own.  How can you better live up to your responsibly as a man to protect your family, friends and parish?  Think of a few concrete actions you can take today.

3) It is a time of decaying morals and the whitewashing of Sin, often in the name of “mercy.”  Christ consecrates His disciples to the Truth.  Review the unchangeable Truth of the 10 Commandments and make a firm resolve to Confess your sins and resist sin in the world.

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