Matt Ingold, Catholic brother and one of the King’s Men, offers this excellent advice on how to evangelize men.  Amen.

The new emangelization is underway, if you haven’t noticed, and some players are steaming out into open waters with evangelical zeal while others still seem to be fiddling at the docks with their lifelines. What is it that separates zealous on fire men’s groups sweeping the streets for new members from others that can’t seem to gain and retain a core crew of iron-sharpeners?

A quick glance at our King’s Men Formation Groups reveals 5 key characteristics that, when lived, will have men’s formation group leaders wondering how they are going to find space to fit everyone!

1. Create a spirit of emangelization in your group. At The King’s Men weekly formation groups, we make a commitment to our brothers in how we will deliberately take our faith to action each week. How often do we commit to inviting somebody new? This should be a weekly commitment! “Oh, well God will put the right man to ask on my path.” That’s a nice thought, but Christ did not passively send his disciples forth 2-by-2. Evangelization is active, dangerous, manly, and intrusive! Above all, it must always be charitable.Discuss as a group how you can deliberately grow your men’s formation group on a weekly basis.

2. Be social. Too often, men’s groups seem to make their way into man caves. Growth does not happen without engagement. How well would a company do if they had the world’s greatest product, but never took the time to market it? A well executed men’s formation group is a goldmine in today’s world. Be engaging! For the record, social media is not evil. If you are not engaging on social media, don’t be surprised when your average attendee was alive during the Korean War (We love and need our sages. Let’s get you in front of some budding warriors that desperately need your wisdom).

3. Be public. Though similar to the last bullet, it is worth noting that the men’s formation groups who regularly witness their fire (and existence) to the community will be much more attractive to new members. This may come in the form of social activism, but could also be as simple as having a Sunday when all the men sit together at mass (In the front! And wearing ties, too!). You will be a powerful billboard. Don’t expect to have a lot of men approach you, but the wives will have many questions. Have some cards handy to give out informing when and where your next meeting will be.

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