In the clip above (warning: some offensive language) from the hit movie Talladega Nights, stock car driver Ricky Bobby (played by Will Ferrel) says grace, thanking “Baby Jesus” for many material benefits, including “the always delicious Taco Bell”.  Mr. Bobby goes on to ask “Baby Jesus” in his “Golden Fleece diaper” to help him to win a car race and to make a lot of money.

It’s funny. Why?  Mr. Bobby’s insistent use of the phrase “Baby Jesus” with a southern accent just strikes people as funny.  The fact that Mr. Bobby has “cherry picked” a particular age of Jesus to focus on is also kinda funny; an infantile Mr. Bobby relating to the Infant Jesus.  But perhaps the funniest part is the hijacking of Baby Jesus to use Him as a ATM to give Mr. Bobby a win in a big stock car race.

The movie is a satire and it certainly is done with irreverence to Our Lord and Savior Baby Jesus.  No mistake here:  Jesus and Christians are being mocked, in particular, our Evangelical brothers and sisters.

Now, from overt satire to subtle satire.  Cue Mrs. Pelosi, Minority Leader of the House Democrats:

It’s not funny.  But Mrs. Pelosi’s sudden reverence for adhering to what the Bishop has to say certainly is  amusing.

The clip itself suggests that Mrs. Pelosi not only cares deeply about the children/people coming into the the United States illegally (let’s suppose, with good will, that she does).  Mrs. Pelosi then wants to make the case that how the U.S. treats the “humanitarian crisis” should be apolitical (Mrs. Pelosi being apolitical?  Hmmmm…well, o.k.).  Then Mrs. Pelosi, in a attempt to support her completely compassionate and apolitical position, says this:

“I reference the conference of bishops statement in which they say baby Jesus was a refugee from violence. Let us not turn away these children and send them back into a burning building. That’s the bishops, so we have to do this in a way that honors our values but also protects our border and does so in a way that the American people understand more clearly.”

Full stop.

While we can be prepared to give Mrs. Pelosi the benefit of the doubt on her call for compassion and to not politicize what she calls a “humanitarian crisis”, no manly Catholic should be prepared to take Mrs. Pelosi’s use of the Bishop’s statement  calling for the U.S. people to treat those entering the country illegally like “Baby Jesus” at face value.

To be clear, as Catholic men of virtue and honor, we should, we must, always defer to the fullness of teaching of the successors to the Apostles, our Pope and the Bishops.  We must always look to our bishops, and not politicians, as our guides in all moral issues.  Catholics first. Americans second.

While Mrs. Pelosi may very well embrace the Bishop’s calls for treating the illegal immigrant children like  Baby Jesus, every Catholic should look at Mrs. Pelosi’s statements with skepticism.

Here’s why:  Mrs. Pelosi, a woman who claims to be Catholic, has consistently, and scandalously supported the abortion of children.  In fact, Mrs. Pelosi, again claiming to be Catholic, has been given the Margaret Sanger Award by Planned Parenthood (the largest killing machine of children in America), the highest award the abortion provider can give.  NARAL – Pro-Choice America (a string of evil euphemisms – its original name, National Abortion Rights Action League, evidently is too obvious in its evil) gives Mrs. Pelosi at 100% rating.

At the Final Judgment, one would think that Jesus Christ will certainly bring up Mrs. Pelosi’s Margaret Sanger Award and 100% NARAL rating.

No Catholic should give Mrs. Pelosi a free pass on anything she says when she uses the Church as one of her debate points:

  • While Mrs. Pelosi wants to use the bishops to make her point, she refuses to follow the teachings of the Church on the issue of abortion. This is duplicitous at best; at worst, devious.
  • While Mrs. Pelosi has called on us to treat illegal immigrant children like “Baby Jesus” (and by the way, rightly so…right because the Bishops tell us, not Nancy), she is completely nonplussed at the fact that Baby Jesus was a “baby” and He certainly would never, ever endorse the murder of other babies through abortion.

While it might be funny for Ricky Bobby to hijack Baby Jesus for laughs, when a dissenting, out-of-communion-with-the-Church Nancy Pelosi hijacks Baby Jesus, it is no joke…but it is ironically humorous…and sad.

Catholic men:  to be a Cafeteria Catholic like Mrs. Pelosi and so many others is to not be a Catholic.  One is either in communion with the Apostles, or one is not.

Do not be a man of divided loyalties, who attempts with limited knowledge to pick and choose what parts of the integrated whole of Catholicism that you like and don’t like.  You are not smarter than Jesus Christ (even Baby Jesus) or His Catholic Church.

And when you attempt to hijack Baby Jesus, you simply look foolish…and it is not funny, for those who hijack Jesus will face the full-grown Mighty King of the Universe Jesus at some point.

An end note: Our Lord King teaches us to pray for those who are confused and do not know what they are doing when they sin against Jesus Christ Himself (Luke 23:34).  Very clearly, Nancy Pelosi does not know what she is doing (though, of course, she thinks she does).  Catholic men, it is a test of our loyalty to Jesus Christ that we pray for Mrs. Pelosi, that she might accept the Holy Spirit and renounce her evil support of abortion (and absolute support for homosexual “marriage” for that matter).  Given her persistent and obstinate support of evil, her very soul is likely in mortal danger.  Pray for her.