Maybe you were unconvinced of the absolute evil of Planned Parenthood’s industrialized abortion machine.

Perhaps you didn’t know that the grave evil done by Planned Parenthood that is funded by you through your taxpayer dollars:

“Planned Parenthood performed 327,166 abortions last year while collecting more than half-a-billion dollars from U.S. taxpayers, according to its most recent annual report.”

If industrialized tax-payer funded abortion doesn’t move you to righteous anger, perhaps this video will.

Lifesite News documents the Liveaction undercover video that documents a twisted and sick Planned Parenthood worker (disgustingly dressed up like a nurse) giving incredibly perverted advice to young women who she thinks is a 15 year old girl.

Angry?  Every man of courage and virtue would be.

Strong and faithful Catholic men rise up!  Planned Parenthood is one of the main faces of evil in the post-modern world.  With the help of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the dark forces of Satan like Planned Parenthood will be cast into the flames of Hell.

Men, stand up and be leaders of your families.  If your spouse embraces “choice” it is your duty to evangelize her…and lead her to the truth.  The same is true of your daughters and sons.

Catholic men, the battle is upon us.  Will you fight?

Pray for the souls of all of our daughters who are being indoctrinated into perversion.  Pray for those misguided women who like this faux-nurse in the video and every one of their co-workers; they too are someone’s daughters, women who have been seduced into absolute deprivation.

Jesus Christ will not tolerate such perversion.