Heather Wilhelm over at Real Clear Politics offers her thoughts on the emergence of a virulent new strain of Religious Intolerance: The Religion of Transgenderism:

Over the past few months, with impressive swiftness, our nation’s growing identity-based religious fervor has risen in one particular form: ardent, impassioned, unquestioning transgender boosterism. In late May, Time magazine announced America’s “Transgender Tipping Point,” featuring formerly male television star Laverne Cox. Time’s article spurred a flurry of giddy media responses; meanwhile, at gay pride events across the nation, “newer, edgier, and angrier” TransPride rallies, as described by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, often stole the show.

The more dramatic examples, however, have to do with children. A Vancouver, British Columbia, school board recently announced that transgender students would be called “xe” (pronounced “zee”) rather than “he” or “she.” Not to be outdone, California celebrated the dawn of 2014 by passing a law “that allows,” as NPR reported, “transgender students to use school restrooms and play on sports teams based on the gender with which they identify rather than the one with which they were born.”

In early June, “CBS This Morning” ran a gushing report, “Born This Way,” on transgender children. Some were as young as 5, and all, encouraged by their parents, were living as the opposite sex. Some, like the 12-year-old boy-to-girl “Zoey,” were taking medication to suppress puberty (“I like the color pink,” Zoey said when asked to explain how she knew for certain she was trapped in the wrong body); others were taking hormones to begin their official physical “transition” to the opposite sex. Meanwhile, “Ryland’s Story,” a parent-created YouTube video, tracks a San Diego girl’s supposedly triumphant transition into a boy at the ripe old age of 5. The video has racked up more than 7 million views—and enthusiastic media applause—since late May.

….One would hope that, in a pluralistic country, we could all just get along. Unfortunately, at least in its early stages, the transgender faith does not appear to be a religion of peace. When it comes to public school bathrooms and beyond, it also appears to be the one religion the government feels comfortable establishing through the state.

In the case of the case of the man dressed up like a woman in the Time Magazine cover, there is likely cheerful twittering around the war fires of the feminists, homosexualists and deconstructionists of all sorts; what it means to be a man is supposedly being blurred even more.

Catholic men need to recognize depravity and to fight it when appropriate.  At minimum, when age appropriate, men need to point out to their kids, their young men especially, that transgenderism is unnatural and perverted.  

And in all cases to pray that Jesus Christ might draw all men, even those who unnaturally think they are women, to Himself in love and Truth.

Lord, have mercy on this generation and deliver all men from evil.