In John 16:23-28, Jesus gives the disciples clear direction to begin to pray in a new way, asking the Father for things in the Name of Jesus Christ.  In praying in Christ’s name (which Jesus has already revealed in John 14:13-14; 15:16), the Jesus promises that the Father will answer every prayer. Praying in the Name of Jesus assures men that they are in union with Christ Jesus in the Spirit of Truth (CCC 2614-15).  In praying for the Father’s will in union with the Son and empowered by the Holy Spirit, Jesus promises that men’s joy will be complete.

Christ also promises that the Father will love those who love the Son.  With Christ’s return to the Father after the Resurrection, man’s access to union with the Father is now a reality for those who earnestly seek to know, love and serve Christ Jesus.

Awed by Jesus Christ – Christ the Perfect Leader offers men clear direction to pray in His Name.  With Divine Power, Jesus makes the promise that prayers uttered by men for supernatural help from the Father will be answered; this is incredible!  As Divine Physician, Jesus offers to give the sick and tormented souls of men, peace.  Jesus again reiterates the mind-boggling future reality that He will die, be raised from the dead and ascend to the right hand of the Father.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Christ promises that men who pray in His Name will have their prayers answered by the Father.  Do you pray, “In the Name of my Lord and Savior Christ Jesus…”?  Start!

2) Realize that despite any turmoil that you are experiencing, it is possible to experience the peace and joy of Christ. Even in the darkest times in a life and in the more common shadowy times of daily life, it is possible to be strengthened to the point of peace and joy in Christ Jesus.  Christ has promised His peace.

3) Contemplate the Truth that Christ Jesus, the King of Creation, is sitting with all power and glory at the right hand of the Father.  Offer praise and glory to your King.

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