The Catholic Church has become feminized in many places.  Here’s a sicking and cringe-inducing example.

Men (and perhaps many, many women) believe that the Mass in many places has been deformed and desacralized by radical modernists and feminists.

Admittedly, this is an extreme example of how Satan has entered the Sanctuary, desecrating the Sacred space with barefoot maidens (and older maids) with modest dancing skills, the invasion of  “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” wanna be cast members, tambourines and bongos, hand-clapping and crowd participation and a politically-correct addition of a sign-language “performer” dressed as if she is going to the mall.

For those women (and emasculated men) who might wish to defend this kind of feminized sacrilege, ask any normal Catholic man to react to this video.  They will tell you:  “This is why men don’t go to Mass”…and perhaps “…please bring me a bucket.  Hurry.”  I suspect many women would have the same reaction (but politely excuse themselves rather than requesting a barf pail).

This kind of performance may have its place in the life of the Church (but I doubt most would attend unless it was forced on them at the Easter Vigil), but certainly never in the the Sanctuary.

Men who have a love and fear of the Divine King should rise up and cleanse every parish of this and other kinds of desecration.

Contrast the gut-turning “celebration” above with this Traditional Latin Mass and ask yourself:  Which Mass is offered in praise and awe of the Eternal King?  Which Mass are men more likely to be willing to attend?  The answer is very clear.

To be clear, the Novus Ordo Mass can move men’s hearts if offered in a reverent way.  Or, if “performed” as a sing along, can drive men away.