A number of regular readers have noticed that there have not been posts for several months.

Since October, I, along with other family members, have been caring for our dad James William during his last days.  The days have been long and grueling as we comforted our dad as the horrible effects of long term smoking slowly smothered him.

After the grueling battle, James died on April 25.

Christ clearly gives us the redemptive meaning of our suffering in the Sacrifice of the Cross.  Each of us, in our own little way, with our own little crosses, can add our suffering to Christ’s and with the Holy Spirit imitate Christ.

In uniting our suffering to Christ, we can find that peace and joy that Christ promises to give those who love Him.

In the coming weeks, my plan is to return to writing on topics of the New Emangelization including an ongoing series on meeting Christ in the daily Gospel.

Praise be to Our King and Savior Christ Jesus!