Jesus was a master teacher, the greatest teacher who has ever lived, for He is the Only Son of God.  There can be no human teacher who can approach the wisdom of Jesus Christ.

One might say with certainty that the Bible is the greatest textbook ever written, for in it is absolute Truth, written throughout the minds and hands of men who were inspired by an actual encounter with God Himself. The Bible is the Source of the Wisdom of God, documented and preserved by the Catholic Church.  The New Testament has its source in the actual teaching of Jesus during the Incarnation, preserved orally by Christ’s hand-picked Apostles and eventually written down with the guidance of the Holy Spirit (for more on this, read from the Catechism of the Catholic Church sections  101-137).

Some men resist reading the Scriptures for they find them old, tired, boring or something that is meant for women and children.  Some men believe that if they have read Scripture once, or heard it in Mass over a lifetime, that they have sufficient knowledge.  Some men make excuses about not having enough time or procrastinating: “I’ll read the Bible someday when I’m older”.

This is a mistake that many men make.  Including this one.

Men, wake up!  Scripture is the actual Word of God, spoken for all.  But spoken explicitly for you.  It is in Scripture that men meet Jesus in a real way, for when you pick up Scripture, you are meeting Jesus in a real and substantial way….Jesus sits beside you, no matter where you are, each time you pick up His Word and read.

A note to dads from a dad who has so often failed:  you can never live up to your most important responsibility to your children, which is to pass along a fervent faith in Jesus Christ, unless you know Jesus Christ.  You can not know Jesus Christ without knowing Jesus Christ as He speaks in the Bible.

Men, if you fail to read and draw closer to Jesus Christ in the Bible, you will fail in most important fatherly duty to pass along the faith to your children. For you can not pass along what you don’t know.  

Begin today and draw closer to Our Lord and King Jesus Christ.

For more on the importance of drawing closer to Christ in Scripture please read this.