Earlier this year, in Pope Francis’ home town, a hoard of demon possessed female pro-abortionists, attempted to attack the Cathedral in Buenos Aries.  See Father Dwight Longnecker’s commentary.

They were blocked by a group of men, praying the rosary, men who were witnesses to the Truth of Christ, unafraid to be attacked by a raging group of demon-possessed women.

Don’t think they are possessed?  Watch.


Surprised?  We shouldn’t be.  If someone advocates the murder of children, especially if that person is a women, created by God to be a mother, it should not surprise us if they resort to all kinds of violence and depravity.

While certainly the Holy Spirit is moving in these heroic Catholic men’s witness, perhaps another tactic is appropriate.

Christ didn’t hesitate to cleanse the Temple with a Holy Righteousness.    These attacks are attacks on the Temple of God and on men’s God-given manhood.

Perhaps these men should calmly and with restraint use their superior physical strength and power to repel the attacks on their person. Sometimes, the only thing that the Satanically possessed can recognize is a physical response.  Men have a right to defend themselves.

Catholic men, pay attention, learn and prepare.  Satan is actively working in the world and the persecution of the Church will need to be met with the blood of the Martyrs.

Catholic men need to be prepared to shed their blood for the love of Jesus Christ and His Church.

And men need to begin to pray that our dear sisters awaken to the insidious possession of Satan and turn to Jesus Christ to cleanse their minds and hearts of their soul-crushing idolatry of feminism.