The Gospel reading for the 7th Day in the Octave of Christmastime is John 1:1-18. 

While John’s Prologue (John 1:1-18) is not top of mind when thinking of Christmas, the Prologue a beautiful and stunning summary of the blessings mankind receives at the Nativity of Jesus Christ. John confirms that Christ is the Son of God who comes into the world to allow all men who receive Him to become adopted children of God and to enter into eternal life. 

Christ’s identity as the Son of God is revealed. Christ is with God before time and space exists in the beginning before the Creation (Gen 1:1-5).  Christ is “with God”, confirming that the Father and the Son are different Divine Persons, and “was God”, confirming the Divinity of Jesus Christ. As the “Word”, Christ is the Father’s spoken word in which God establishes Creation and redeems fallen men through the Incarnation of the Word; Christ is wisdom itself. Christ is the source of life (both on earth and in Heaven), light, truth and mercy and has the power to reveal God (through His miracles and wisdom) and to grant men who believe in Him to enter into eternal life.  

While the world does not recognize Him (1:10) and Israel rejects Him (1:11), those who respond and receive Him are given astounding blessings: to receive enlightenment and truth, to receive faith, to receive truth, to know God, to become children of God, to receive grace upon grace (mercy), to receive eternal life and to behold His glory. No man can receive these gifts through inheritance, natural birth, or will (v. 13); only through faith in Christ Jesus can men be saved. 

Awed by Jesus ChristSon of God, Christ is with the Father before Creation and is God. Divine Wisdom, Christ is the Word uttered by God to create the world and brings light and truth and grace to the world to redeem it. Savior and Divine Mercy, Christ allows those who believe in Him to become adopted children of God and to receive eternal life.  

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Ponder and be astounded at Christ’s role in Creation: He exists with the Father before Creation (estimated to be 10+ billion years old) and causes Creation to occur (time, space, molecules, stars, planets, life forms, and men who are created in His Image). 

2) While men often lose the great awe at the mystery and joy of Christmas they had as children, deep down, all of men’s searching and struggles are a desire for God.  At Christmastime, reflect upon Men’s Desire for God (CCC 27-30, 44-45) and pray for Christ to turn your desires away from the world and towards Him.  

3) The lukewarmness of so many Catholic men is because they don’t know Christ Jesus: any man who meets and gets to truly know Jesus are miraculously conformed. At Christmastime, reflect upon Knowing and Speaking of God (CCC 31-42, CCC 46-49) and pray for Christ to meet Him and know Him.