The daily Gospel reading from the Mass for Saturday of the Seventh Week of Easter is John 21:20-25.

Appearing to the Apostles a final time before the Ascension by the Sea of Galilee, Christ has rebuked and challenged Peter to repent, grow to have an “all in” love (agape) and commit to be the leader of Christ’s Catholic Church; ominously, Christ has also given Peter a veiled prophetic vision of Peter’s own death by crucifixion.  

Peter turns and sees John following him (Peter) as he follows Christ. Peter, knowing that Christ has a special affection for John (the “beloved disciple”) and that John was the only disciple who remained with Christ at the Cross, asks Christ about what will happen with John. It is unclear why Peter asks: to simply know what will happen to John (Peter perhaps realizes that he will be martyred); to know how to use John in the spreading of the Gospel; out of a competitive envy, or some other reason.  

Whatever the reason, Christ sees Peter’s question as a distraction and rebukes Peter, telling Peter it’s not his concern and that he should “Follow Me.”  Christ, knowing Peter’s volatility and vulnerably to temptation, wants Peter to focus on Him as Peter builds the Church and not be distracted by other things. John, the writer of the Gospel and awed by Christ, ends with the declaration that Christ’s glory can’t be described by the words of men; John, alluding to Tradition and other Scripture, explicitly confirms that his Gospel, while accurate, is not comprehensive or exhaustive. 

Awed by Jesus Christ – Divine King, Christ perfectly discern’s Peter’s personality and foibles, rebuking an directing Peter to stay focused on Him. Person of the Trinity, Christ has a magnificence and glory beyond man’s ability to fully comprehend. 

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) Reflect on Christ’s powerful insights into men, His method of talking bluntly and giving direction.  As the King of Creation, Christ is the greatest leader who has ever lived. 

2) Knowing that Peter is vulnerable to temptation, Christ commands for Peter to “Follow Me.”  During Easter, vow to battle Temptation (CCC 1808, 2157, 2340, 2846-2849) and pray for Christ to help to resist temptation. 

3) Christ’s call to “Follow Me” is a call to holiness.  During Easter, renew your commitment to strive for Christian Holiness (CCC 2012-2016) and pray for Christ to help you take action to grow in holiness.