The daily Gospel reading from the Mass for Wednesday of the Third Week of Easter is John 6:35-40.

As He reveals the truth of the Eucharist in the Sermon of the Bread of Life, Christ first corrected the crowd’s confused view that Moses was the one who provided the manna in the desert by making it clear that God the Father is the source of the miraculous manna. Now Christ drops a bombshell, revealing that He is the bread of life and that men who believe in Him will never thirst or hunger again.

Christ turns to the truth that men must have faith in Him to receive eternal life. Christ reiterates that the crowd has failed to recognize His miraculous signs as infinitely greater than those of Moses. Christ’s words are jarring, for while Moses the man was venerated, Christ reveals that He has been sent by God from Heaven, knows and does God’s will and that people must go beyond simply being impressed by Him to believing in Him; Christ’s command that men must believe in Him is unprecedented.

After confirming the necessity of faith, Christ makes the existence-altering promise that those who believe in Him will be raised from death to eternal life. Christ reveals that the Father gives some men to Him (grants faith to the willing) and that Christ will not lose a soul the Father has given to Him. Christ confirms that it is the Father’s will that men who believe in Christ will have eternal life and that He will raise them from the dead on the Last Day.

Awed by Jesus Christ –  Son of God, Christ has a complete and intimate knowledge of the Father’s will. Divine King, Christ reveals His mission to draw men of good will to Himself and to not lose a single soul. Divine Prophet, Christ knows the entire scope of Salvation History, including the coming of the mysterious “Last Day.” Omnipotent and Omniscient, Christ knows how to raise men from the dead and has the power to do so.

Being a Heroic Catholic Man

1) It is impossible to grasp the fullness Christ’s revelation that He knows the Father’s will; Christ has God’s infinite wisdom, Christ has an inerrant and intimate knowledge of what the Father desires, etc. Meditate on Christ’s infinite knowledge.

2) While every death should touch a man’s heart, it is the fact of his own inevitable death that most men fearfully attempt to put out of their mind. During Easter, confront your own coming Death and it’s Christian Meaning (CCC 1006-1019) and pray for Christ to give you a happy death like St. Joseph.

3) Christ makes the promise that He will raise those who believe in Him on the Last Day. During the Easter celebration of Christ’s own Resurrection, review the Catechism’s teaching on How the Dead Rise in Christ (CCC 161, 997-1004) and pray for Christ to give you an unshakable faith and everlasting life.