Every Catholic man is called to become both a Catholic Son and a Catholic Father who leads his spouse, children and many others through the Spiritual Combat on the pilgrimage to Heaven.

To grow in holiness as a son and a father and withstand the attacks of Satan, Catholic men need to draw close to Christ Jesus each day through prayer, the Sacraments,  Scripture and the liturgical life of the Church.

One of the most powerful ways to draw closer to Christ is to have a practice of meditating upon the Gospel readings selected by the Church for the daily offering of the Mass. In the daily Gospel readings from the Mass, men meet Jesus Christ, become awed by His Majesty and are drawn deeper into a life of holiness. 

Lent is a time when men can return to their sacred vows to Christ by following Him on His pilgrimage towards His Passion and Resurection. The traditional 40 day pilgrimage of Lent is a manly endeavor which renews and strengthens men so they might more fully imitate Our Lord and King.

The Catholic Men’s Lenten Gospel Pilgrimage helps men enter into the Daily Gospel Reading from the Mass and offers three meditations on how a man might more fully imitate Jesus Christ.

May the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit be with you all this Lent as you grow in your mission to be a holy Catholic Son and Father who leads his family and many others towards Heaven.