I have recently had the great pleasure to speak with Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Catholic Deacon, husband, father and evangelist.

Deacon Burke-Sivers is the Founder and Director of, a Christian evangelization and apologetics organization dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of Catholic values, principles, and teaching in complete faithfulness and total submission to Holy Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium.

Deacon Harold is a sought-after speaker on a variety of Catholic topics, with a particular emphasis on Catholic men’s spirituality and has spoken at men’s conferences, not only across the country but around the world.

He is also a prolific writer and has been published in Envoy Magazine, The Catholic World Report and The National Catholic Register and is author of the book, The Mass in Sacred Scripture.

He a frequent host and guest on a variety of radio shows including Catholic Answers Live, Catholic Connection, and Kresta in the Afternoon and also hosts the weekly radio show From the Rooftops on the Radio Maria Network.

He is also a regular contributor on EWTN  including Life on the Rock, EWTN Live, EWTN Bookmark, and hosted the popular EWTN series Behold the Man – Spirituality for Men, Made in His Image: Family Life Today, Christ the Servant: The Vocation of Deacons and Authentically Free at Last.

Deacon Burke-Sivers holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame and a Master’s degree in Theological Studies from the University of Dallas.

Listen to the conversation with Deacon here: