Recently, I spoke with Dr. Philip Mango: Catholic, husband, father and President of St. Michael’s Institute for the Psychological Sciences.  A licensed and board-certified psychotherapist, Dr. Mango is one of the leading experts on the psychology of manhood and is the founder of a Catholic men’s development movement called Band of Brothers which inspires and teaches men about how to be virtuous Catholic men.  He also has extensive teaching credentials including his work at the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family Studies in Washington D.C. and through leading men’s retreats across the country.

Dr. Mango has a rich set of experiences to draw upon, including his early work as a NY Police Officer.  Dr. Mango also worked with Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta for many years, providing psychological training and support for Mother’s order of sisters.   A man of many talents, Dr. Mango is also vocalist and jazz trumpeter.

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