Recently, I had the blessing to speak with Father Larry Richards, a leader in the New Evangelization who has an unflinching willingness to evangelize men.

Father Richards is a priest in the diocese of Erie Pennsylvania. But in addition to his important work as a parish priest, Father Richards is a writer and speaker who has evangelized and catechized millions of people worldwide, through conferences, retreats, his best selling books and his shows on EWTN and Relevant Radio.

While Father Richards offers a compelling call to Christ to all people, he has a particular passion for evangelizing men. He is the author of the best-selling book, “Be A Man” as well as the teaching sections in the newly released Catholic Men’s Bible. Father Richards also speaks to men’s conferences, drawing large numbers of men to live out a more robust faith in Jesus Christ is the Catholic Church.

Father Richards also is the founder The Reason for Our Hope, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to ‘spreading the Good News’ by educating others about Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith. He has recorded many talks including the best-selling talks, “Confession”, “The Mass Explained”.

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