I recently had the honor to speak with Father Mitch Pacwa, a leader in the New Evangelization.

Father Pacwa was ordained a Catholic priest in 1976 with the Society of Jesus and holds multiple degrees including a Ph.D. in Old Testament Studies from Vanderbilt University.

A teacher, Father Pawca was taught at the high school, university and seminary levels.  A well-known biblical scholar, he has lectured at hundreds of conferences around the world, including many men’s conferences, and has appeared and hosted numerous international radio and television programs.

Father Pacwa is perhaps best known for his appearances on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), where he currently hosts two television programs – “Threshold of Hope” and “EWTN LIVE” and the EWTN Radio “OPEN LINE” program.

Father Pacwa is also a best-selling Catholic author and you can find out more about Father Pacwa’s work at fathermitchpacwa.org.

You can listen to our discussion here: