I recently had the honor to speak with Monsignor Charles Pope.

Monsignor Charles Pope is a leader in the New Evangelization.  In addition to being a pastor at Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian in Washington D.C., Monsignor is also a prolific teacher and writer that is touching the hearts and minds of thousands of people through his blog on the Archdiocese of Washington.  Monsignor also writes for a variety of Catholic publications including Our Sunday Visitor and is regularly featured on

Monsignor Pope has also recently published a book, entitled The Ten Commandments, which is an outstanding practical guide to grow in the Christian moral life.

Monsignor has been a priest for 25 years.  He holds multiple degrees, including Masters degrees in Divinity and Moral Theology.  He is active in a variety of ways in the Archdiocese and has taught a weekly Bible Study at the White House.

You can find out more about Monsignor’s work at and go to to find Monsignor’s new book, The Ten Commandments.

You can listen to Monsignor’s thoughts here: