Recently I had the blessing to speak with Tim Staples; Catholic, husband, father and Catholic evangelist and apologist.

Tim Staples is the Director of Apologetics and Evangelization at CatholicAnswers,one of the top sources for Catholic apologetics.

Tim is a convert and a Marine.  After discerning a vocation in the priesthood, Tim went on to study theology at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary and began to work in apologetics.

Tim is a tireless worker for Christ, writing extensively at Catholic Answers and speaking to groups across the country.  Tim also has a regular program on Catholic Answers Live, broadcast across the country and via the internet.

And pick up Tim’s new book, Behold Your Mother – A biblical and historical defense of the Marian Doctrines.

You can find out more about Tim’s work at TimStaples.com.

Listen to our discussion here: