Recently, Father Rick Heilman, a priest in the New Emangelization, and I had a discussion about the Mass and how a man can better understand the great gift that Christ the King has given men in the Mass.

Father Heilman is a priest in the Diocese of Madison. He is the founder of the Knights of Divine Mercy, an apostolate for Catholic men’s faith formation, and the Squires of Divine Mercy, an apostolate focused on forming young men ages 5-17 to be “God-strong”.  He is also a fourth Degree Chaplain for the Knights of Columbus.

Father Heilman is a regular guest on Relevant Radio’s “The Inner Life”.

Father Heilman is also author of the popular book for Catholic men, The Church Militant Field Manual – Special Forces Training for the Life in Christ.

You can find out more about Father Rick Heilman’s work at KnightsofDivineMercy.com.

Listen to our conversation here: