Leading Our Families to Heaven

Randy Hain’s new book is called Journey to Heaven – A Road Map for Catholic Dads.  

I think every Catholic dad should read it.  Why?  See this except from the book that Randy has posted at IntegratedCatholicLife.org.

By the way, you can listen to my interview with Randy Hain by clicking on this link.

In the article, Randy suggests 4 rules for Catholic dads:

What sort of maxims might this Catholic father, who tries to emulate St. Joseph, follow to stay on the right path? If we consider what Scripture and the Church teach us, we can look to these four critical rules as our guide.

Our vocation is to get our families to heaven.

Our children are always watching us. They will likely model later in life what they learn at home.

We are made for heaven, not this world. Let’s act accordingly.

Our children are God’s gift to us. The love and care we show our children is our gift back to Him.

There can be no greater purpose in life for a Catholic man than to aspire to Sainthood, and to instill that aspiration in our wives (perhaps she has already instilled the aspiration in you!) and our children.

Randy’s point that our children are always watching us is key as dads:  In particular in the faith.  If the Dad lacks faith, the kids will fall away from the Church…it is almost guaranteed.

We owe to God to bring the children He has given to us to Him…and men don’t like to fail.  But so many are.

Don’t be like this guy:



Catholic Men: Don’t be a Derelict Dad!