Star Tucker over at offers her anguished reflections about her choice to have an abortion.

Each man of good will should reach these kinds of reflections of women who have chosen to have an abortion and have come to realize the mortal error and repented.  Here’s why:

  • We are constantly being told by feminists who embrace abortion (note: not all feminists embrace abortion – Note: though they still can be in error as to the harmonious and God-given importance of men ) that abortion has no consequences (not, of course, thinking that the aborted child has been murdered) or that the consequences for the woman who aborts are transient.  Clearly, Ms. Tucker is a clear case that abortion is absolutely crippling.
  • As you read Ms. Tucker’s soul-hurting admissions, think to yourself:  Where is the man, the father of her child?  For every woman who aborts a child, there is a man who has been complicit to some degree.  He may have been ignorant of the fact that the woman has become pregnant…but he was not ignorant of engaging in sex.  He may have been a husband who didn’t want the responsibility of another child and went along with the abortion.  Or perhaps he was a husband who was not actively supportive of a culture of life, leading the wife and mother with the opinion that she could freely choose to abort a child.

Catholic men are lax in their support of the Pro-life movement, according to my friend Mark Houck, over at the King’s Men.

It is manly for men to face the unpleasant, to reflect on the evils of the world; witnessing evil steels the will to fight.

Catholic men: do not avert your eyes and ears, seek out the Truth and fight for each and every life.

Our King, the Author of Life will accept no less.