Jason Craig, a friend and outstanding Catholic man has a new article regarding the purposeful goals of the Marxist/secularist strategy to destroy traditional values and our families.  

Catholic men must unit and stand up and fight back:

“We constantly take in images and ideas that disrupt our Catholic thinking.  Especially with the media all around us, we must remember to make conscious efforts of examination, of thinking, of renewing our mind in Christ, so that we can live the full freedom and fruitfulness of the Gospel.  Some might read this article and think: “This is conscious brainwashing!” or  “Learn how to think like a Catholic?!” or ” You mean learn how to stop thinking!”  Again, this is not the place to discuss it here, we don’t have time, but our belief is that Catholicism is true, and that to think in accord with the Church is to think in accord with reason and reality as a whole.  Our thinking needs adjusting.  Brainwashing?  Hey, I’d rather have a clean and washed brain than one mucked up with the filth of error and sin.  Let’s go ahead and let baptismal waters soak to our brains.”

Amen Brother Jason, amen.