Today we mourn the deaths of millions of unborn children, the horrific sins of mothers and fathers and the satanic confusion of a society that rationalizes the murder of the innocent by calling it “choice”.

There are a number of Catholic men who are ambivalent about abortion, buying the propaganda that somehow the decision to kill a child in the womb is a “choice” that is up to the woman.  My friend Mark Houck over at the King’s Men tells me that Catholic men are not active in the Pro-Life Movement.

In the video by John Elefante, we see a courageous young women’s decision to not have an abortion.  She at first chooses to have an abortion when she is abandoned by her “boy” friend (underscore the immaturity of the male, he is a boy and not a man) and the lack of a dad in the picture.  If men were true men, abortion levels would plummet.

My dear brothers and sisters:  Jesus Christ loves the little children…each and every one of them, regardless of if they have been born yet or not.

Do you think that Jesus Christ would ever approve of abortion?  Try this :  Can you imagine that a young pregnant women without a husband kneeling before Jesus, crying and weeping, begging for His help because she is in serious trouble.  Or imagine that the Pharisees drag a pregnant unwed mother to Jesus and ask if they can stone her.  Now, can you imagine that Jesus would respond by causing the unwed mother to spontaneously abort?  Of course not.   It’s absurd.  Jesus loves each of His creations at every stage of humanity and would never kill a child (or any person).

Tragically, there are a large number of “Catholics” who believe in “choice” (read that, murder) of children in the womb.

Catholic men: Rise up and teach your daughters and sons about the depravity of abortion.  If you have supported abortion, repent and go to Confession (there is still time for you, do it!).

And go spend some time praying outside of a Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic; Christ needs you to  stand and fight evil.