Carl E. Olson at the Catholic World Report wrote an aggressive response to one of the distorted attacks on Cardinal Burke’s interview with the New Emangelization Project on the Catholic “man-crisis”.

So much of the reaction to His Eminence’s words have lacked both charity and reason from those who espouse radical feminism.

Here is one example:

Kaya Oakes, a revert to Catholicism after spending time as a self-described pro-choice liberal, has penned a little screed—a veritable bundle of befuddlement!—aimed at the recent New Emangelization interview with Cardinal Raymond Burke (which I posted about on Monday). I’ve not read Oakes’ book about her spiritual, uh, arc, which is titled, Radical Reinvention: An Unlikely Return to the Catholic Church, but my impression is that she has some—nay, numerous—issues with orthodoxy, or what she apparently calls “Catholic conservatism”, which is in keeping with the usual practice at Religion News (where her piece is posted) of describing orthodox Catholics as “conservative” and dissenting, or bad, Catholics as, well, “Catholic”.

Oakes’ analysis, if you will, of Cardinal Burke’s interview is that the distinguished American prelate is “paranoid,” “bewildered,” and probably hates women. I’m guessing that Oakes was a star on her high school debate team. Perhaps she still is. What is sad, however, is that she gets everything wrong and seems to believe that smirking is the equivalent of an intelligent riposte. For instance:

Read the rest of Mr. Olson’s response here.