A public university “professor” of “Women and Gender Studies” at Arizona State University has offered female students “extra credit” for not shaving their armpits during the semester.  Men, could also receive extra credit if they did shave, but below the neck.

article-2680903-1F640D8F00000578-267_306x423According to Professor Breanne Fahs, “‘It’s interesting how peer pressure within the class can create a new norm. When practically all of the students are participating, they develop a sense of community and enjoy engaging in an act of rebellion together,’ she said.”

So, Professor Fah’s feminist agenda becomes clear: conduct social experiments on students, intrude the personal body space of students, use coercive peer pressure and encourage rebellion.  Ahhhh…the fruits of tenure and postmodernism.



While personal hygiene is largely a personal choice (barring instances where someones lack of hygiene dramatically effects those around her/him), what is happening in this instance is appalling:

  • The “professor” is seeking to undermine/reject norms of behavior that have been in place in western culture for a long time.  This is not education, but activism for an ideological agenda; paid for and supported by a public institution.
  • Offering extra credit for not shaving (for women) or shaving (for men) is not extra credit at all; it is coercion.  In a highly competitive university environment, if some can get extra credit, all must feel the pressure to participate, for grading is usually on a curve.  If you don’t participate, your grade is at a disadvantage.  What Professor Fahs is attempting to do is to coerce  students into participation using a sick social experiment and her position power using grades.
  • Imagine, if you can, a male professor attempted the same: there would be riots with protests by hoards of women with hairy armpits, complaining about male sexual harrassment.
  • While a manly man doesn’t really much care or respond to a female’s attempts at sexual harassment, there are perhaps many feminized modern men who may “feel” sexually harassed at having to shave their bodies for the pleasure of a female university professor.  On the other hand, being feminized, they may embrace emasculation as enthusiastically as these two young males, in the throes of delayed adolescence and stunted manhood:


We live in a  truly strange and confusing time.  In this case we see that post-modern Gender Studies academic fascists are seeking to get women not to shave their armpits, while many, many young women in growing numbers are shaving their private parts.  Get it?  Don’t shave your armpits and do shave your privates.

The incoherence of post-modern “thinking” is on full display, day in and day out.

Catholic men need to recognize the insanity that passes for wisdom these days and seek Jesus Christ to send the Holy Spirit to help guide and protect our children from such foolishness.