Men: look closely at this picture.  It is sickening.

Where in the Hell is this poor little girl’s father?

To be clear,perhaps very few homosexual couples bring their children to homosexual events like this.  But many bring their children to “Gay Pride” Parades, where they see all kinds of perversion.  Google “Gay Pride Parade” and weep.

But much worse for the children, they are deprived of the proven model of having a mom and a dad for parents.

New “research” is out that purports to demonstrate that children raised by homosexual couples are happier and healthier than children raised by traditional moms and dads.

Of course, it is a total lie.

How do we know?  God created man and women for each other and for the raising of children.  This is His plan…a plan that requires both a man and a woman to conceive and to be role models for the children.  This is what the Catholic Church teaches based on what Jesus said and did.

God didn’t get it wrong, no matter what post-modern thinkers  and homosexualists wish to try to demonstrate.

While I’ll leave it to others who would like to dig into the data to demonstrate its flawed design and conclusions, but here are a few thoughts:

  • The study conclusions are based on a predominately lesbian parents (80% of sample).  How can that be representative of homosexual couples?  Homosexual men need to protest this, one would assume.
  • It is a small base (500 kids); to make broad conclusions that influence the thought of millions of people, there needs to be much, much more study.  To make broad conclusions like this from small data sizes is not very scientific.  Of course, the point is not to be scientific, but to be able to hold of the mantle of “science” as a way of promoting the homosexual ideology.
  • To conclude that “children with same-sex parents (they don’t really have same-sex parents, they have caregivers that are of the same sex…their parents were of opposite sexes) are happier and healthier” is a very broad propaganda claim based on some limited measures taken at a point in time. When you read more you learn that the claim is based on this very limited criteria and result: children raised by homosexual couples were on average 6 percent greater than the general population on measures of general health and family cohesion.
  • What about proper attitudes about sexual roles, attraction to the opposite sex, long term flourishing, the preparation for eventual parenthood?  There are many, many more measures of happiness and healthiness.

Rather than a small base study that makes sweeping conclusions, here is a very, very broad based study by Mark Regnerus that draws the exact opposite conclusion:  children raised by homosexual couples are much less happy and healthy than intact families with a mother and a father; he article “The Kids Aren’t All Right: New Family Structures and the “No Differences” Claim” summarizes that children being raised by homosexual couples are much worse off across a variety of dimensions.   Full The full Regnerus study here.

The point of this is that Catholic men need to be vigilant in the reading of this kind of news and to protect their wives and children by pointing out (when appropriate) where these studies are lies.  One can always turn to the Catholic Church for the Truth about the family.