With a nod to we have a shirt worn by a father who has been neutered by postmodernism and feminism.

At the core of the New Emangelization, is importance of returning men to their roles as sacrificial protectors and defenders of the family and to pass on the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church to the next generation.

Dad’s are supposed to protect their daughters; this is what dads have always done.  Until now.

This poor soul has given up his manhood by bowing to the feminist agenda, to the point of a clown-like shaming of wearing a shirt that is as humiliating as it is cowardly. And he is so brainwashed, he is proud of it!

  • 1) “I don’t make the rules” – You don’t?  What are you supposed to do as a father? No rules? No guiding direction for your daughter’s precious virginity?  This is negligence.  And it is an abdication of what fathers have always done. And it certainly is an encouragement to the young man: “You don’t make the rules.  Great!  I bet I can make some real progress with your daughter!”
  • 2) “You don’t make the rules” – O.k.  This has some truth; the young man, especially the young man, shouldn’t be making the rules regarding a dad’s daughter’s  sexual behavior. Of course, this is the corollary to #1 which means that men are to have no power, influence or say in anything.
  • “She makes the rules” – She does?  Where did she learn the “rules”?  What are the rules?  What is the basis for these rules?  Are there any rules other than if she has contraceptives or abortion services available?  Who taught her the rules?
  • 4) “Her body, her rules.” – This is a complete abdication of responsibility of the dad.  “What ever my daughter wants to do, it’s o.k. by me.”  Will this kind of hands-off approach yield love and peace and joy for the daughter?  Or will she say in the broken years to come, “My dad never really cared enough about me to protect and defend me or teach me any rules .”
  • “Feminist Father” – What does that even mean?  Its clear that he doesn’t value his own manhood and masculinity or his duties as a father.  But wearing feminist propaganda slogans is a poor excuse for a dad’s responsibilities to love, honor and protect his daughter.  He seems to be saying, “There are no rules, except what each person wants.  I have nothing to offer my daughter in terms of guidance, and even if I did, I’d rather not “impose” anything on her.  I’d rather be a feminist than a father!”

The point here is not to be critical of this misguided anonymous “father”, but to realize the challenges to be faced with the abdication of manhood, the voluntary movement to sterility in men, both in terms of rejecting having children through contraception and abortion and the spiritual abandonment of children that they might sire.

Pray for all these poor souls, that they might come to know the Truth and to be willing to love to the point of being ridiculed for being manly buying Propecia.