I recently had a chance to hear from Father Rocky Hoffman of Relevant Radio about his thoughts about the state of Catholic men in the Church.  Here’s what Father Rocky has to say:

Are men different than women in terms of how they engage in Catholicism?

 ” I would hope so.  Men and women share an equality of dignity, but they are different biologically and emotionally.”

Does there need to be new ardor in the evangelization of Catholic men?

“New or old, there needs to be some excitement about evangelization.  It’s rooted in the Gospel message and the last words of Christ:  “Go teach all nations, baptizing them . . . teaching them to observe what I have commanded.””

What specific things can priests do to more effectively evangelize the men in their parish?

 “Offer a holy hour every Wednesday night in the parish in honor of St. Joseph from 6 to 7 with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.  During that hour the priest sits in the confessional and hears confessions. Afterwards the guys get together for beer and chili, while father stays in the confessional hearing confessions.”

 Stepping back, what are some guiding principles that can be used to guide a more aggressive approach in the evangelization of Catholic men?

 “First prayer.  Then sacrifice.  In the third place, action.  Prayer always comes first.”