This is a true story.

Today, Halloween, I had a chance to have lunch with a priest friend at a local favorite eatery.  I arrived first and smiled, all the waiters and waitresses were dressed in Halloween costumes, hustling about, serving up lunch to some 200+ people.

I was early, waiting for Father.  My waitress was a nice young women dressed as…a fake nun.  She was wearing a habit with the inscription “Nunsense”, a small theater show that features fake nuns being funny.

While the “nun” went to get my coffee, Father arrived.  Just after, the “nun” brought my coffee.  And she had a great big smile, for she assumed that Father was a “Fake Father”. She greeted him with joy and Father smiled, cordial and joyful (like usual).

To make sure there was no confusion, I said, “You know…Father is actually a real priest.”

The “nun” blanched and smiled a nervous smile.  She walked up to the front after leaving and I watched her tell her experience to the manager and the women working the cash register.  They looked over, smiling, but a little bit shocked, perhaps perplexed.

“Sister” returned to bring Father his drink.  After serving Father, she spoke with a genuine sense of concern, “Father, I hope you aren’t offended by my costume.”

Father said, “Are you wearing it in a disrespectful way?”.

She shook her head, from side to side, “Oh no.  No.”

Father smiled and said, “Then, you are not offending me!”

As he spoke, Father reached up, and made the Sign of the Cross on her forehead, as the “nun” blinked and smiled.

I’m still smiling.